The Miracle of NySeas!!


Any women with a breast size of a D or larger knows that the girls can be HEAVY. It's one thing when you're covered up with your favorite bra, but it's a world of difference when the only thing holding them up is the tiny string of a halter bikini on the back of your neck. Talk about OUCH. All I can think about are painful rashes and blisters. Not cute.

Well, my large breasted friends, I have the answer to your prayers. There is a miracle product called Nyseas (pronounced nice-ease). All it is is a little piece of plastic that allows you to string the straps of the halter through the holes to alleviate the pressure by evenly distributing it over a larger surface area. It sits nice and comfortably on the back of your neck, and there are even a bunch of color options to match your favorite suit! A single pack of 3 in one color is $9.95 and a triple pack of 9 in 3 colors is $19.95. And these things don't break.

Wearing a size 34 GG, this little invention has seriously saved my life..and my neck.  I can run around on the beach, go for a swim or lay out by the pool with zero neck pain. Feels great to cross that off my list of beachwear if only they carried my size in the department stores! ..but that's another story. :)

-Hilary Chattler, Contributor