SHEARE: The 'Neon Space Pop' Superhero


Music is our world--and any time we are able to scope out the inner workings of something fantastic, we are overjoyed. Such is the case with Sheare, a band founded in 2013, who takes pride in their original genre of 'Neon Space Pop'. We have to say, the name is very fitting, and we love that they refuse to squeeze into anyone else's pre-made mold. We dig it. Check out our interview with band member, Brandon Sheer, below:


SHUT UP! no way.: We love your new album! What was the inspiration behind it?

Brandon Sheer: I think i always set out to write about what I know, whether that is reflective of my own experiences or those of people I surround myself with. Relationships are a big theme on the record...sometimes I convince myself that I need some sort of constant turmoil in my life in order to write. For example, I'm quite happy in my personal life at the moment, hence why I haven't written a song in a while..ha. At the end of the day, I just want to make relatable pop music that people can hum in the shower.


SUnw: How would you describe your sound? Any direct inspirations? 

BS:   I call it, "Neon Space Pop." Not sure exactly what it means, but it sounds cool. I think I have this great attraction to big epic sounding production, coupled with my love for futuristic aesthetics and anything neon. Also, I mainly listen to 90's and early 2000's Brit Pop and New Wave records, so I feel it really rubbed off on me and the music I make.


SUnw: We love the 90's throwback in the video, "Somebody Else," especially since we're OBSESSED with the 90's. Can you tell us about the symbolism?

BS:  Thank you! It's funny because a lot of people seem to walk away with different meanings from the use of the cassette tape in the video. Really, I think it was just about finding something that was visually captivating more than anything else. The video's message is about losing someone, so when the robot lost the cassette tape, he had to go through chaos and figure out a way to get back together and feel whole again.


SUnw: Any other pieces of 90's nostalgia that tops your charts?? 

BS: If we're speaking generalities about the 90's..there are quite a lot. I'm the proud owner of all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World. Anytime I feel an ounce of depression I put it on. It's like a natural version of Zoloft. hah.


SUnw: OKAY, now that we love you even more. . .back to the interview. We've been trying to figure out the design of your logo/artwork..which keeps us so engaged with the positive/negative space. Is there a formula or hidden message to it? 

BS: The symbols were actually taken from some of the negative spaces from the letters in my name and rearranged. I had come to the art directors, Simon Griffen and Howard Wakefield, with this whole theme of futuristic symbols and that's what we collectively came up with. The idea is simply a tool for people to associate with the band.


SUnw: Awesome. Are you planning on going on tour? ..what's in your immediate future? 

BS: Yes, we are planning on doing an east coast tour (MA, PA, CT, DC, NJ, NY) in the upcoming months, which has been insanely time consuming to plan, but I'm really excited to start playing in other cities. \\ 


Upcoming shows: 

June 27th - The Space, Hamden CT

July 10th - Bowery Electric, NYC



Okay so he has amazing music, he loves the 90's and he's cute! We're in love. 

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