a music revelation.

This weekend we had a revelation. Oh yes. A good one.

Think about this. Ever been in a loud, crowded, dripping with fun and excitement sports bar..where the only speck of information about the song that's actually playing in the background is the beat? That's it. The beat. Boom - Boom - Boom - Boom. What the hell song could it be, you wonder. It's so loud, you can't tell! ..But alas, friends, we have the answer..even if you're wrong. It is, and can always be turned into the following brilliance:

..so go ahead, the next time you're in a noise filled bar where having music on is pointless anyway, try it. Make your own music! it works every time. fast, slow, dance, rap, ballad--the versatility is endless..not to mention the song is obviously incredible! Oh and it's fun! Try it with friends! ..we got a real kick. but that could just be us. :)