The Bend-A-Bun


I will admit, I'm not the best hair stylist. Lucky for me, (and my look!) I do not let this stop my tress-challenged self from constantly trying new styling techniques. When the Sock Bun craze began, I was so excited for what seemed like an easy look to put together. To my despair, and after about 75 tries, I realized the Sock Bun and I just wouldn't have a happy relationship. I read all of the Pinterest pins I could, but still managed to fail. every.single.time. After ruining too many perfectly good socks, I gave up.

Finally, I have found A SOLUTION!!! The Bend-A-Bun. Sock Bun amateurs, rejoice. This easy-to-use styling tool is by far the best $8 I've spent in a very long time. It's basically a big bendable cloth tool that performs magic. See below for step by step tutorial. SO EASY..and even works on my curly-haired friends too. Perfect for those hot summer days! Happy Bend-A-Bunning! -Jen