our feet are smiling :

Guess what, ladies?! looks like low heels are taking over for Spring! AT LAST, a season that doesn't require blisters, bandaids, sore feet, and twisted ankles to be fashion forward! COMFORT CAN BE CUTE..and we don't care who knows it. COBBLESTONE ROADS: we're coming for YOU--because if the fashion gods tell us it's better to be a little closer to the ground than to face-plant on it, we are OKAY with it. 'Tis the season where the low heel can be the go-to instead of the compromise, and we are so excited (as should you) to make the most of it. We love that there are so many ways to tailor this towards your personal style: classic, fun, sexy, playful, boho, adventurous..you name it. So be on the look out for a great pair(s) and enjoy this amazing trend, people..while it's still here! 

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