couldn't live without.. part deux

To follow up with my first "could not live without" product, I'd like to share with you my second: Nail Tek - Quicken.

Let me preface. I have nail polish ADD. (fully admitting) It could be a Tuesday night at 11pm and I could have the sudden urge to re-do or change my nail color. Now, this could be problematic for 2 reasons. 1.) It's 11pm. I should be sleeping. Doing my nails now would mean I'd have to stay up for an extra half hour after finishing just to let them dry.. ESPECIALLY if I add that extra coat for opacity (freak, i know). 2.) Some of the most amazing colors I own have seen better days. They've been used and abused, kept over the years, and they're starting to.... THICKEN. you know what I mean. They're the nail polishes with NO CHANCE of ever drying. It could be a full 24 hours later and I'm zipping my jeans and BAM, smudge. just like clay. It is THE WORST, go ahead, agree. I used to throw these away, and that's like money right in the trash. not cool.

Well..guess what. I have an answer to your prayers. Nail Tek - Quicken. Not only does this dry my polish in 5 MINUTES. (not joking) but it also hardens any consistency of polish. It keeps a  glossy shine, unlike others i've tried that go dull after 10 hours..and keeps chips away. So go ahead, put on 3 coats at 11pm..use that amazing 7 year old thick-as-syrup hue..try one of those Pinterest nail trends with 12 layers.. because I've just introduced you to your life savor.

I got mine at, but I've seen it at drug stores too! It is worth the $10ish bucks, I swear. :) enjoy!


Nail Tek - Quicken

Nail Tek - Quicken