Flashback Fashion Friday - The Waist Tied Shirt!


We all love a good plaid shirt for fall. And we all love the 90's..obviously. But when the two collide together it's like a Fall flashback that warms your soul. Who remembers the good ole' Joey Lawrence 'shirt tied around your waist' throwback? Well friends, it's back.

I remember post 90's, moms thought the only proper preparation for any brisk fall chill was to tie something, anything around your waist. Holding it was far too hard--it had to be around the waist. And basically, if you were caught under the mom-spell, you might as well crawl into a fashion hole and die. But alas, it is 2013 and the moms may have had the right idea. THIS is how we layer in 2013, with color, texture and a little throwback inspiration. We think it's cool, cute and also quite functional! Thanks mom.

So be alerted fall fashion trend lovers, the 90's are continuing to make their way back in a cool, updated way..and we can't complain about that!! :)


courtesy eonline

courtesy eonline

courtesy eonline

courtesy eonline

The Miracle of NySeas!!


Any women with a breast size of a D or larger knows that the girls can be HEAVY. It's one thing when you're covered up with your favorite bra, but it's a world of difference when the only thing holding them up is the tiny string of a halter bikini on the back of your neck. Talk about OUCH. All I can think about are painful rashes and blisters. Not cute.

Well, my large breasted friends, I have the answer to your prayers. There is a miracle product called Nyseas (pronounced nice-ease). All it is is a little piece of plastic that allows you to string the straps of the halter through the holes to alleviate the pressure by evenly distributing it over a larger surface area. It sits nice and comfortably on the back of your neck, and there are even a bunch of color options to match your favorite suit! A single pack of 3 in one color is $9.95 and a triple pack of 9 in 3 colors is $19.95. And these things don't break.

Wearing a size 34 GG, this little invention has seriously saved my life..and my neck.  I can run around on the beach, go for a swim or lay out by the pool with zero neck pain. Feels great to cross that off my list of beachwear concerns..now if only they carried my size in the department stores! ..but that's another story. :)

-Hilary Chattler, Contributor



The Bend-A-Bun


I will admit, I'm not the best hair stylist. Lucky for me, (and my look!) I do not let this stop my tress-challenged self from constantly trying new styling techniques. When the Sock Bun craze began, I was so excited for what seemed like an easy look to put together. To my despair, and after about 75 tries, I realized the Sock Bun and I just wouldn't have a happy relationship. I read all of the Pinterest pins I could, but still managed to fail. every.single.time. After ruining too many perfectly good socks, I gave up.

Finally, I have found A SOLUTION!!! The Bend-A-Bun. Sock Bun amateurs, rejoice. This easy-to-use styling tool is by far the best $8 I've spent in a very long time. It's basically a big bendable cloth tool that performs magic. See below for step by step tutorial. SO EASY..and even works on my curly-haired friends too. Perfect for those hot summer days! Happy Bend-A-Bunning! -Jen


SHEARE: The 'Neon Space Pop' Superhero


Music is our world--and any time we are able to scope out the inner workings of something fantastic, we are overjoyed. Such is the case with Sheare, a band founded in 2013, who takes pride in their original genre of 'Neon Space Pop'. We have to say, the name is very fitting, and we love that they refuse to squeeze into anyone else's pre-made mold. We dig it. Check out our interview with band member, Brandon Sheer, below:


SHUT UP! no way.: We love your new album! What was the inspiration behind it?

Brandon Sheer: I think i always set out to write about what I know, whether that is reflective of my own experiences or those of people I surround myself with. Relationships are a big theme on the record...sometimes I convince myself that I need some sort of constant turmoil in my life in order to write. For example, I'm quite happy in my personal life at the moment, hence why I haven't written a song in a while..ha. At the end of the day, I just want to make relatable pop music that people can hum in the shower.


SUnw: How would you describe your sound? Any direct inspirations? 

BS:   I call it, "Neon Space Pop." Not sure exactly what it means, but it sounds cool. I think I have this great attraction to big epic sounding production, coupled with my love for futuristic aesthetics and anything neon. Also, I mainly listen to 90's and early 2000's Brit Pop and New Wave records, so I feel it really rubbed off on me and the music I make.


SUnw: We love the 90's throwback in the video, "Somebody Else," especially since we're OBSESSED with the 90's. Can you tell us about the symbolism?

BS:  Thank you! It's funny because a lot of people seem to walk away with different meanings from the use of the cassette tape in the video. Really, I think it was just about finding something that was visually captivating more than anything else. The video's message is about losing someone, so when the robot lost the cassette tape, he had to go through chaos and figure out a way to get back together and feel whole again.


SUnw: Any other pieces of 90's nostalgia that tops your charts?? 

BS: If we're speaking generalities about the 90's..there are quite a lot. I'm the proud owner of all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World. Anytime I feel an ounce of depression I put it on. It's like a natural version of Zoloft. hah.


SUnw: OKAY, now that we love you even more. . .back to the interview. We've been trying to figure out the design of your logo/artwork..which keeps us so engaged with the positive/negative space. Is there a formula or hidden message to it? 

BS: The symbols were actually taken from some of the negative spaces from the letters in my name and rearranged. I had come to the art directors, Simon Griffen and Howard Wakefield, with this whole theme of futuristic symbols and that's what we collectively came up with. The idea is simply a tool for people to associate with the band.


SUnw: Awesome. Are you planning on going on tour? ..what's in your immediate future? 

BS: Yes, we are planning on doing an east coast tour (MA, PA, CT, DC, NJ, NY) in the upcoming months, which has been insanely time consuming to plan, but I'm really excited to start playing in other cities. \\ 


Upcoming shows: 

June 27th - The Space, Hamden CT

July 10th - Bowery Electric, NYC



Okay so he has amazing music, he loves the 90's and he's cute! We're in love. 

Check out SHEARE:



Facebook - ShearMusic

Twitter - @SheareMusic

iTunes - Sheare



bring your lunch: veggie hummus wrap!


In an attempt to not spend upwards of $40-$50 a week on lunch (and in turn putting that money into savings..woohoo) i've begun my morning lunch making routine. So here we are, the veggie hummus wrap! It is not only quick and easy to make, but also delicious, surprisingly filling, and only 6 weight watcher plus points!  

Now, I'm really not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but the main reason I really wanted to post about this is because of an important detail I should have embraced a long time ago: CUTTING MY VEGGIES IN THE BEGINNING OF THE WEEK, AND STORING THEM.  BRILLIANT. It's not rocket science, but it's SUCH a help. For whatever reason, making lunch, especially a healthy one, was hard to stick to because of the time restraint in the prep work. I've discovered that anyway you can decrease physical time making lunch in the morning keeps it simple and quick--and therefore maintainable. So, when the veggies (or anything else you'd like to throw in) are ready for the taking, it's that much more of a wam-bam process when you're still half asleep in the morning.


Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

Chi Chi's Whole Wheat Tortilla

PRE SLICED Cucumber, Green Pepper, Tomato

Mixed Greens


PS. With the veggies so easily at your disposal, they also make for quick, easy and healthy snacking!

Let us know what tips save you time during your weekly lunch/dinner routines! Comment below! :)



a music revelation.

This weekend we had a revelation. Oh yes. A good one.

Think about this. Ever been in a loud, crowded, dripping with fun and excitement sports bar..where the only speck of information about the song that's actually playing in the background is the beat? That's it. The beat. Boom - Boom - Boom - Boom. What the hell song could it be, you wonder. It's so loud, you can't tell! ..But alas, friends, we have the answer..even if you're wrong. It is, and can always be turned into the following brilliance:

..so go ahead, the next time you're in a noise filled bar where having music on is pointless anyway, try it. Make your own music! it works every time. fast, slow, dance, rap, ballad--the versatility is endless..not to mention the song is obviously incredible! Oh and it's fun! Try it with friends! ..we got a real kick. but that could just be us. :)

Lesse Bon Temps Rouler - NEW ORLEANS

A few weeks ago we had an AMAZING trip to New Orleans, which was complete sensory overload. Between the savory food, jazz music, bright colors, intricate architecture, southern hospitality and overall beautiful weather, we came back so inspired, rejuvenated, cultured, and bloated (but that's another story). Click through and check out some of the things we experienced! If you're looking to go, we included links to some of the MUST GO spots. Such a bucket list place! Lesse bon temps rouler--Let the good times roll! :)


couldn't live without.. part deux

To follow up with my first "could not live without" product, I'd like to share with you my second: Nail Tek - Quicken.

Let me preface. I have nail polish ADD. (fully admitting) It could be a Tuesday night at 11pm and I could have the sudden urge to re-do or change my nail color. Now, this could be problematic for 2 reasons. 1.) It's 11pm. I should be sleeping. Doing my nails now would mean I'd have to stay up for an extra half hour after finishing just to let them dry.. ESPECIALLY if I add that extra coat for opacity (freak, i know). 2.) Some of the most amazing colors I own have seen better days. They've been used and abused, kept over the years, and they're starting to.... THICKEN. you know what I mean. They're the nail polishes with NO CHANCE of ever drying. It could be a full 24 hours later and I'm zipping my jeans and BAM, smudge. just like clay. It is THE WORST, go ahead, agree. I used to throw these away, and that's like money right in the trash. not cool.

Well..guess what. I have an answer to your prayers. Nail Tek - Quicken. Not only does this dry my polish in 5 MINUTES. (not joking) but it also hardens any consistency of polish. It keeps a  glossy shine, unlike others i've tried that go dull after 10 hours..and keeps chips away. So go ahead, put on 3 coats at 11pm..use that amazing 7 year old thick-as-syrup hue..try one of those Pinterest nail trends with 12 layers.. because I've just introduced you to your life savor.

I got mine at ulta.com, but I've seen it at drug stores too! It is worth the $10ish bucks, I swear. :) enjoy!


Nail Tek - Quicken

Nail Tek - Quicken

somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me..


Sooooo, this morning on my 90's pandora station, this little gem decided to present itself. Now, I can't decide if this makes me extremely ashamed or bursting with pride (going with the latter), but I'm pretty sure my brain did a quick flashback to 1999 and I knew LITERALLY every single word...EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. and for some strange reason I feel pretty confident there's ohhh about 100% of you who can recite each and every line just like I did--and reminisce about belting it out with your summer camp group over and over and over..."with a shape of an L on her forehead!" (unless that's just me..sorry)

There's something to be said about music like this, where it's got that seriously corny overlay but if you actually LISTENED to the lyrics (which I think I did for the first time this morning) there's some real keepers hiding under there. I'd like to point out just a few:

- "Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming. Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running. Didn't make sense not to live for fun."

- "You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow."

- "And all that glitters is gold. Only shootin' stars break the mold."

- "The ice we skate is getting pretty thin, the water's getting warm so you might as well swim."

- "I could use a little fuel myself and we could all use a little change."

Take it for what it is. But this is a classic. Smash Mouth makes some great points and it's a shame they only got as far as one hit because the world would be a much better place if we all just sang a little 'All Star' at the top of our lungs and truly believed that that's exactly what we were. :) 

sidenote: what's Ben Stiler doing there? Did you realize that?? okay good, I'm not the only one.


our feet are smiling :

Guess what, ladies?! looks like low heels are taking over for Spring! AT LAST, a season that doesn't require blisters, bandaids, sore feet, and twisted ankles to be fashion forward! COMFORT CAN BE CUTE..and we don't care who knows it. COBBLESTONE ROADS: we're coming for YOU--because if the fashion gods tell us it's better to be a little closer to the ground than to face-plant on it, we are OKAY with it. 'Tis the season where the low heel can be the go-to instead of the compromise, and we are so excited (as should you) to make the most of it. We love that there are so many ways to tailor this towards your personal style: classic, fun, sexy, playful, boho, adventurous..you name it. So be on the look out for a great pair(s) and enjoy this amazing trend, people..while it's still here! 

Click through to see some of our favs! :)


some time away from etsy..

After almost a year and a half selling exclusively online via our etsy shop, we took SHUT UP! no way. to the real world for the first time today at the Hearts and Heels Benefit sponsored by the Philadelphia Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. Putting together our first booth was definitely an experience in itself, (with some popped balloons, a few wind tunnel display crashes, and a minor 'lost merchandise' scare...crisis averted....) but we're excited to have it under our belt! We met some really cool people, saw some of our UDEL Theta sisters and even figured out how to use our PayPal credit card slider without a hitch. All in all, a great day--excited for more to come :)


If you'd like to donate to CASA, and sport some cute jewelry, you can purchase our 'Chain That Binds Us' Bracelet or Necklace, where we donate $10 of each order directly to the cause. <3


It's a beautiful morning...


Adults always told me that one day I would get used to waking up early... I am still waiting for that day. **UGHHHHHHHHHHHH**. I don't know about you, but that is my reaction when I hear marimba ringing on my iPhone after the fourth snooze. 

There isn't much that makes me smile before 9 AM, but if you are like me, I absolutely cannot get ready in silence.  Want a music pick me up before (or along with) your cup of coffee? Give this mood changer a try - "A Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals Pandora station. Don't have Pandora? Download Here.

There is just something about The Temptations or The Supremes belting out some jams that adds an extra pep in my step.  

It plays songs such as "Aint Too Proud To Beg" by The Temptations, "Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke, and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. 

Running Late? Go directly to the inspiration.


"Why are you so lost?"


I once had a professor, who in my most unsure and insecure moments.. when all I wanted was a touch of clarity about a future that seemed so vast.. looked me straight in the eye and asked me: "Why are you so lost?" and walked away.

For almost 3 years those words radiated through me, never left me, was trapped within me. But I realized tonight, having gone through those few years, that I have never been more clear. And I have never been more proud of that question he asked and the tears I cried thereafter. I know now what my answer is. It's this, it's here, it's this moment of clarity and joy and hope. That's why I was so lost, sir. And thank you.





couldn't live without..

People always ask me what products I absolutely could not live without. After seriously thinking about the many trials and tribulations of my beauty regimen over the years, there are two immediate products that have literally changed my life..and here is the first:

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream. BUT AS AN EYE CREAM. Okay so think about this: You JUST woke up, it's about ohhh 6am in the morning and all you want to do is close your eyes and go back to sleep.. you get in the car or on the subway and your eyes are literally closing because you're tired and you wish you didn't have to be up this early in the morning.. absurdities. 

Anyway, I swear to you, this product will change your life. Although it can be used all over your face, I use it just around my eyes as a morning eye cream, as it's gentle enough (at least for me?) to go there. It makes the area cool and refreshed and AWAKE, ridding you of any dry, tired feeling. Sometimes I'll pop it in the fridge to add a chilled boost, and it's so dreamy (the awake kind!). Plus, because it's size is much bigger than an actual eye cream would be, it lasts for at least 6 months. I NO LONGER want to shut my eyes at the drop of a hat and much more safely and efficiently arrive to work. (great success) Highly, highly, highlyyyy recommend.

and it's like...6 bucks?!  

check back for my other life saving product. :)



Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream