"SHUT UP! no way."  Hearing it, saying it and acknowledging that it has taken on a whole new meaning than the dictionary describes goes hand in hand with understanding our generation. When someone says, "SHUT UP! no way." we know it means just the opposite. 

Do not shut up. Do not stop. TELL US MORE, damnit.

Our goal is to find and create the "SHUT UP! no way." moments in our everyday lives, bring them to you in visual, thoughtful or wearable forms and hope that you too will send your experiences back our way.



A lover of all things spicy, in food & life, Jen is an individualist who finds inspiration in the unknown. On a consistent journey to master life and all it has to offer, she is continually experimenting with new activities. She has been making her own clothing & accessories since she was old enough to dress herself.  With her day job of working in the fashion industry, she has plenty of styling & shopping insights to share! Because of her expertise in finding the best bargain finds, she is everyone's favorite shopping partner and can't wait to become yours!


A hairspray aficionado and lover of puppies, floral print and sunshine, she sneezes a minimum of 6 times (every time) and has a serious case of nail polish ADD. Drawn to anything with a unique texture, color palette or vintage feel, she admits her mom's style from the early 90's is her 'fashion-foundation.' Coming from a makeup artist past and working in celebrity beauty/fashion during the day, she's excited to show you all of her go-to products and how-to's. She's starting to dabble with domestication and is overjoyed to experiment before your very eyes. Watch out.


Brought together by their sorority, Jen and Jess bonded over their creative spirits and their love of fashion. Their passions collided and they never looked back.